It takes between 3 and 10 seconds for a visitor to your website to decide if they want to read more about your business… if they can’t see a reason to stay, they leave, probably never to return.

• Great copywriting keeps visitors on your website
• It gets prospects to actually read your mailing
• Your marketing gets a much better response

Making an instant impact requires clean, clear copy that tells your visitors:

  • That you have what they are looking for.

  • The benefits your product or service gives them.

  • The benefits of buying from you.

  • The thing that makes you so great they should stick around. (If you have a trumpet, blow it now – the clock is ticking…)

This is no time to be mysterious.

You need to shout “YES – we’re the right people – that’s what we do and we’re really good at it!”

Now you’ve got their attention…

… you need great content to keep visitors from flitting to the next website or throwing your mailing in the bin – words and images, and on a website video or audio. Good content is what drives you up the search engine rankings too. Great content drives your business success.

And that’s what we are really good at.

Find out how an investment in copywriting can pay for itself – time and time again.

Written a book? Trying to? Need help with editing, proofreading and getting into print?

Great ideas for making the most of your best marketing tool – your website.

So, if you have writing to do, you’ve been staring at a blank screen (or avoiding it altogether) for way too long, and your project is stalled…

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So many websites are failing to produce the results their owners expect - if yours is one of then, we could have a solution for you. And if it’s a question of getting your website off the ground to start with, that’s our speciality.


If you’ve already written something – a letter, website content, a book – and you’d like it checked for accuracy and sense, spelling and grammar, we can help with that.


Is there a book in you? Maybe a memoir, or a book of business tips – something you know would be popular or useful. But then you simply can’t get around to writing it, or don’t know where to start. Talk to Sue about how we might be able to help you get published!


All aspects of your internet presence can be worked into a comprehensive Content Management Strategy designed to maximise your online success.


As well as making sure you have great content on your website, we understand how to make your social media work for you too.

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