About ASR

Who are ASR Creative Communications

ASR is run by Sue Portman and is based in Portsmouth, UK.

sue2Sue is a degree-qualified Technical Communicator (which means she writes stuff for business that isn’t ‘literary’) and a Graphic Designer of long standing. She also has an HNC in Business and Finance.
This means two things:

  1. Her combined qualifications allow her to understand how a business works, and then create clear, effective written messages that look great.
  2. She’ll never be able to get a job because she is way over-qualified.

That’s why Sue runs her own business. She believes that you can never learn too much, especially in the very fast-moving arena that is the internet, where the rules change regularly.

Working with a team of trusted colleagues Sue is able to offer a comprehensive solution for any business seeking to make their website both look great and work really well in marketing terms. Plus she still like to do a bit of design for print.

“I’ve been an HND qualified graphic designer for many years – I still love it, but I always had an itch to be a writer.

“In order to make the switch, a few years ago I studied for a Masters degree in Technical Communication at the University of Portsmouth – just two universities in the UK were running degrees of that type at the time. One was in Sheffield and the other just happened to be right on my doorstep – ever get the feeling something is meant to be?

“At the same time I was becoming interested in how the internet was starting to change how people marketed their business. I thought I was studying so that I could get into writing educational and training material. Pretty soon I realised that I should be focusing on website content – that was where the need was, and still is.

“We’re at a point in time when every company, no matter how small, needs to have an online presence – not having a website these days is a bit like not having a phone, and social media has also grown in importance. But knowing what sort of content you need, and how to get great results, is still a fairly new and developing science. If having someone to guide you through the minefield sounds good, give me a call.”

Sue has also begun studying the art of really effective sales copy. The ability to write an excellent headline can make all the difference between the success and failure of a campaign.

When it’s not work

Away from the office, Sue has volunteered for a number of local community groups in the past, and will be looking for other opportunities to contribute in the future.

She was also a season ticket holder with Portsmouth Football Club for a couple of years, spending every other weekend or so sitting in the Fratton End hoping the team are going to pass the ball to each other and not the opposition. It taught her the art of surviving for a couple of hours in the freezing cold (layers – lots of layers). For the moment she prefers to catch the games on the radio, but a return to the terraces is not out of the question.

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