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Cougar Pumps

Phil Harris is the MD at Cougar Pumps. He had written an article for LinkedIn, but had a feeling it could be improved upon, so asked me to look over it.

Industrial pumps may not sound like the most exciting subject, but I found the various projects they had worked on fascinating – there was lots of drama in some of the more exotic installations and problems they had solved.

I rewrote the piece, making it much more imaginative and exciting. To start with Phil wasn’t sure if it would resonate with his audience, bt I persuaded him that even engineers love a good story, so we went with it and put it up on LinkedIn for him.

It got a good response, and I’m looking forward to writing more for him.

At the time of writing I’m in the process of rewriting the content for the Cougar website. Phil knew that the content of their website was too muddled – that visitors struggled to see clearly how to get what they wanted.

We’ve cleaned up the look of the home page, and concentrated on the main six actions Phil wants people to take, including booking a service call, or a consultation. These will all be clearly visible on the home page now that a lot of the clutter is gone.

Phil thought there was too much content on the site. I disagreed – some of it might have been considerably less interesting to most visitors, but the problem was that too much information’s clamouring for attention early on.

I stripped down the navigation to the essentials, indicated that some of the minor pages should be listed in the footer, and layered the rest of the information so that it was accessible when visitors wanted to look it up, but not distracting from the crucial action points on the home page.

As we launch, the revised text is being approved and the web build is due to begin as soon as it’s finished. I’m looking forward to seeing the benchmarked analytics, and comparing the results going forward, so we can evidence the success of the new site.