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D&P Coaches

D&P Coaches wanted a completely fresh website that showcased all their services.

I travelled to their office and spent a fair amount of time chatting with the owners. As I usually do, I began by asking lots of questions about the business and exactly what they offered. I went away with lots of notes and some sketches showing how they would like to pages on the website ordered – basically, which services were most important.

I wrote the text, asking a few more questions via email when I needed to know some more. Then I ran it past the owners to get their comments and to make sure I had all the facts straight.

It’s also important for the clients to feel that what I’m writing sounds like them – it should be recognisably their ‘voice’ that people hear when they read the website.

The clients were very happy with the resulting text and I worked with the web designer to put the content in place and to ensure that the structure was correct. The result? Happy clients and an effective website that answered pretty much all the questions any visitor to the site would have.