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VK Gym – Bognor Regis

Charlie at VK Gym had commissioned a new website to keep up with the great developments he had planned for the gym.

The design was good, but he just didn’t have the time to think about the content. He knew he’d need to hire someone to help with writing and organising the pages, so was referred to ASR. Sue travelled to the gym in Bognor to look around and chat to Charlie about what he needed.

We agreed what was needed, and a couple of visits followed to talk in detail about the gym, how it operated, what it offered to members, and what the future held. There were several phone calls with the personal trainers working at the gym, and the people running classes. Sue interviewed them all to draw out their stories, their motivations, and to work out what about them would appeal to prospective clients.

Charlie invested in some great photography as well. With the right words and fantastic images, the resulting website showed off the gym to fantastic effect.