Terms and Conditions

Fees: Quotations and Estimates

  • Quotations are valid for 30 days from date of submission.
  • Until the finalised copywriting brief has been agreed with the Client, any costs discussed will be an estimate of fees.
  • Once the required copywriting has been confirmed and the full scope and complexities of the project are understood, if will be possible to provide a quotation.
  • If ‘the Client’ chooses not to proceed, the time spent on the copywriting brief will be billed (only).
  • Any project estimates (fees and timescales) provided before the copywriting brief is finalised and agreed are not guarantees of delivery and should not be taken as such.
  • This proposal includes 2 sets of revisions. Additional revisions are charged at time and materials @£75 + VAT per hour.

Where meetings at the client’s office are required, ASR will charge for time spent out of the office, plus expenses.

Materials provided – project commencement 

If it had been agreed that the client needs to provide material for use or reference during the project, ASR will expect timely delivery of such material. Should any delay in provision of material be experienced it may result in the start date of the project being delayed.

Materials provided – copyright

Where the client is providing any kind of material or media – written copy, imagery (photographs, illustrations, video, logos etc) – ASR will assume that all such material is freely available for use and is not subject to copyright elsewhere. Should this not be the case, ASR requires the client to indemnify ASR against any resulting legal actions.

Scope of the Project

The finalised copywriting brief will detail the scope of the project – if during the work the scope changes or is amended by the client, ASR reserves the right to provide a revised quotation. This may, of course, result in a reduced fee if aspects of the project are dropped, or additional fees where the project expands. Where ASR realises the scope of a project has altered, we will advise the client, and discuss amended fees accordingly.

Cancellation of the Project

If the client cancels the project for any reason, ASR reserves the right to invoice for any work undertaken at our hourly copywriting rate of £75+VAT, plus meetings, expenses accrued etc .

Payment Terms

  • Clients may be requested to pay a commencement fee of 50% quoted or estimated cost prior to the project beginning. Any such fee will be deducted from the amount required to settle the account.
  • Where a project is undertaken over a period exceeding six weeks, ASR reserves the right to stage invoicing, providing an invoice for work completed after the first four weeks, and at four week intervals thereafter until completion of the project, when an invoice for any remaining balance will be issued.
  • Payment will be due 7 days from date of invoice unless other terms have been agreed.
  • Any accounts that remain outstanding after 30 days will be subject to an administrations charge and interest at the government agreed rate.
  • Payment should be made by BACs bank transfer. Where this may not be possible, a cheque, payable to ASR Creative Communications will be acceptable.

Rush Charges for Urgent Work

Projects are scheduled to fit with client requirements, although our general terms are that we required 10 working days notice of project start dates in order to schedule them with existing work. Where the client requires work to be undertaken within 6-10 working days, ASR reserves the right to add a 25% surcharge to the fee to cover additional hours worked to achieve the work, and allow for any potential rescheduling of other work.

Work required within 5 working days will be subject to a 50% surcharge.

Items not included in a Standard Estimate or Quotation

Any estimate or quotation provided will not include liaising with other agents such as graphic designers or web developers, unless specified, or meetings outside of the initial creative brief. Travel time, costs and any additional meeting expenses will be clearly itemised on invoices.

Any other costs, such as couriers, other media, travel and accommodation costs and any other reasonable and directly related expenses will be added to the amount quoted and charged to the ‘the Client’ as required. These costs will be itemised separately in the invoice. Where possible, ASR will ensure the client knows about and has agreed any such costs before they are incurred.

Timescales and schedules 

In order to keep projects moving along in good time, appropriate deadlines and timescales will be written into the project specification. Both ASR and the client will have agreed dates to provide each aspect of the project. Where it is necessary to adjust any such timescales, whether at the client’s or at ASR’s request, it shall be mutually agreed. Where at the client’s request, if the delay results in the project extending beyond six weeks (as in payment terms above) ASR reserves the right to submit an invoice for work completed to that date.

Client contacts

In order to allow for clear communication through out the project, the Client is asked to nominate one or two primary contacts to centralise all revisions and contact, and to make clear who the final decision maker will be.


ASR reserves the right to work with subcontractors to ensure dates and project requirements are met. Any subcontractor will work to ASR’s standards and styles. The client will not generally have direct contact with the subcontractor and should communicate through ASR. However, as we work with trusted partners, it may be desirable on occasions for clients to speak directly to anyone working on their project. Where this is agreeable with the subcontractor, ASR will authorise this and provide contact and availability details. Clients are asked to abide by the availability details provided and not to contact subcontractors outside their stated hours.


Copyright in all work undertaken by ASR remains with ASR until such time as any payments due from the client are paid in full. Clients may not pass on or publish any material provided by ASR until the account relating to any such material is settled in full

Once all monies due relating to a project are received and cleared, copyright reverts to the client, and they are free to use the material in their business

Protection against potential legal claims.

Further to the statement under ‘Materials provided – copyright’ we require that the client indemnifies ASR from claims, costs and expenses incurred as a result of the work we undertake at the request of the client, should such work give rise to legal action.